2015 Global Space Balloon Challenge update

We will only send a box with camera to space this time due to the restriction from the Government flight safety concern.

1. Launch on April 11 morning 7-8am (check 2 days in advance for the weather, back up date is 12th and the week after)

2. Still wrestling with HK Aviation Department for the permit (It should be done this week)

3. A talk in Dim Sum Labs on March 31 at 8pm (http://www.dimsumlabs.com/finding-us/)

Things we need to get done this week

1. order the balloon (size?)

2. order helium

3. get the electronics done (check power consumption)

4. check if the GPS tracker work (work with solar panel?)

5.  practice of balloon handling

6. need anti-fog spray for the lens



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